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Our Athletes Share Their Experience

Kristen Domingues, Multisport Athlete

Meet Special Olympics athlete Kristen Domingues. Sport has changed her life. When she isn’t in school Kristen is an athlete and competes in soccer, swimming, 5-pin bowling, basketball, softball and other sports. Through Special Olympics she keeps active and connected to a close circle of friends.

Special Olympics has played a vital role in inspiring Kristen to lead a healthy lifestyle and it has helped her gain confidence in her abilities giving her a positive “Can do” attitude.

“I like doing my Special Olympics sports because it keeps me healthy and being active” says Kristen.

Her mom is so pleased she found herself in sport.

“I did not think she could accomplish the things that she has accomplished, it is primarily because of Special Olympics and what she’s gained from it” explains Eddie Domingues


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Kevin Pritchard, Golfer – Mississauga Golf Club 

Meet Special Olympics athlete Kevin Pritchard. Golf has changed his life. When Kevin was born his family didn’t expect him to establish the social skills and independence he has today. Seven years ago, Kevin started playing golf. He was inspired by his late Uncle Gary’s love for the game. Kevin became one of three select golfers from Canada who got to play in the Tiger Woods Foundation Pro-Am Golf Tournament.

Through Special Olympics, Kevin has developed proficiencies that have given him to employment opportunities and sport accomplishments including winning three silver medals at the Special Olympics North American Invitationals.

Kevin dedicates each of his golf games to his uncle Gary who has since passed on. In his bag he carries his driver and a tag for inspiration that reads, “do this for my uncle”.
“My uncle would be proud of me today” Kevin explains.

Kevin proves that people with intellectual disabilities can learn and succeed when given the opportunity and support.

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Taylan Peters, Basketball Player - Brampton Cougars 

Meet Special Olympics athlete Taylan Peters. Basketball has changed his life. It's given him somewhere to go where he feels important, where nothing else matters. Being part of the Special Olympics team makes Taylan feel like he belongs.  

Taylan's father Garnet Peters recounts his personal story of how his sons plan changed and their Special Olympics journey started.

“I brought Taylan every Friday evening to practice and sat and watched. Until their first tournament…everything changed for me” Garnet Peters explains.

The sport setting and anything to do with big crowds and noise was the opposite of what Taylan liked, but he also loved basketball and would watch it all the time.

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